Trying a New Cuisine: Burmese Food at Sun Restaurant (Buffalo, NY)


Last month after seeing a lovely sunset on the drive up from Long Island to Buffalo, my sister and I decided to try a new cuisine recommended by Yelp reviewers for dinner. In the Black Rock section of Buffalo is Sun Restaurant, which serves authentic Burmese and Thai cuisine.

As a frequent foodie that loves to explore the wide selection of cuisines that New York City has to offer, I have yet to find a place that serves traditional Burmese food.  At Sun, the selection of cuisine has a great variety of delicious plates to choose from. For our dinner we chose to take from the black rice menu and the Burmese menu. For appetizers we ordered the Mango Roll and Pickled Mustard Soup. The Mango Roll was made with mango, avocado and sweet potato wrapped with the black rice (a.k.a forbidden rice) that was topped with a sweet chili sauce and sesame seeds. The Mango Roll was refreshing with a combination of sweet and a hint of spice. The Pickled Mustard Soup is a Burmese-style soup served with pickled mustard greens, tofu and with a meat of your choice (we chose chicken). The soup was something quite different and satisfying. The  pickled mustard greens were quite delicious and reminded me of the pickled vegetables in a Chinese mei fun noodle dish that my family has every time we go out. Image 

For the entrees we had Mont Hin Gar (Burmese fish noodle soup with banana stem, vermicelli, ginger, onion, lemongrass, and fried garlic) and Own No Kolsware (Burmese-style egg noodle soup with coconut milk, chicken, turmeric, boiled egg, onion, and crispy flat noodles served with chili flakes on the side). Both noodle soups had unique and balanced flavors complemented by the spices used.


At last the meal ended with a Southern Burmese-Style Black Rice Pudding which consisted of black rice and sweet potato bits in coconut milk. It was not overly sweet as some rice puddings could be. It was a perfect ending to a great meal.


The owners of Sun are Stephanie and Kevin Lin, who are originally from Burma. They were so kind and nice to have a conversation with us at the end of our meal. Stephanie told me that the entrée dishes we chose were the two traditional Burmese dishes from their homeland. After a little bit more of conversation comparing our cultural backgrounds with the Lins, it was time to part ways.

To those who plan to go to the Buffalo area, go visit Sun Restaurant. With delicious food and great service, it is definitely a meal not to miss.

Sun Restaurant Buffalo

1989 Niagara St.
Buffalo, NY

Go to the Recipes tab to find my recipe of Forbidden Rice Pudding with Sweet Potato Bits (inspired by this trip).


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