London Calling

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Double-decker buses, the classic red telephone booths, royals and Big Ben, just a few things that make London a unique city of its own. London is a bustling city that is rich with the history and architecture of the past kings and queens that intrigue interests of all around the world. London has much to offer to history fanatics, fashion divas and foodies alike. Spending six days is not even enough time to truly grasp the city in whole.

The best way to dive into London is to pick up a London Pass and a Big Bus Tour Ticket. The London Pass allows travelers to save money on the popular attractions within London from Westminster Abbey to the Tower of London and Shakespeare’s Globe. In addition, you will get some discounts at specialty and souvenir shops. The Big Bus Tour takes tourists around London to the most popular attractions. It offers three different routes with live and recorded tours.  The great thing about the Big Bus tour that it offers a hop on and off system that allows you to visit these famous landmarks easily.

If you are planning to stay in London for a few days, be sure to purchase an Oyster Card for other daily travel. Buying an Oyster Card will bring some savings in your pocket rather than buying one-fare paper tickets. Use the Oyster Card to take the tube, buses or overground.

Some of my favorite things in London are not just going to the historical palaces or tourists spots, but going to experience the local shopping and food that the city has to offer. Visiting the local market places, dishing at a local restaurants and seeing a Shakespeare play are what I would consider a must do in London, but more on that later.

Since most hotels in the area are quite smaller than what most Americans are used to, I would recommend renting out a flat in the city.  You can search for flats to rent on HomeAway. Most flats offer a full kitchen, television and complementary wi-fi internet access. Of course make sure to check reviews on the flat on the website and Tripadvisor before making an inquiry and booking a place.

I still have more to share on London, so stay tuned for more entries.


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