A Free Cold Treat to Keep ‘Dexter’ Fans Cool in the Heat

2013-06-21 15.53.22

Hey there Dexter fans and foodies! Are you looking for a cold treat to cool you sammie paperdown in the heat? The Coolhaus trucks in LA and NYC have teamed up with Showtime to give away FREE “Killer Combo” sammies in promotion of the eighth and final season of the hit show, Dexter, premiering on Sunday, June 30th at 9pm ET. The “Killer Combo” ice cream sandwich represents the two sides of Dexter’s character. Dexter’s light-side is featured by a soft snickerdoodle cookie that is paired with a rich and chewy double chocolate cookie to represent Dexter’s dark-side, and a creamy Tahitian Vanilla Bean ice cream with a bloody cherry swirl. Each sammie is served with an edible rice paper wrapper. This edible wrapper of course was printed on to promote the show.

2013-06-21 15.53.58

I managed to get one yesterday afternoon when the Coolhaus truck in NYC stopped at the intersection of Varick and Van Dam Streets just outside of Soho. The line expectantly grows as news of free sweet treats get around. The “Killer Combo” was delicious as the creamy vanilla ice cream with the cherry swirl complemented the sweet cookies. The double chocolate cookie however overpowered in flavor over the lighter snickerdoodle cookie. There was less cherry swirl than I expected the sammie to have and the flavor reminded me of the maraschino cherries on ice cream sundaes.  Overall I thought the sammie was delicious and great for a hot day to cool off.

2013-06-21 15.53.29

Do you want to sink your teeth into one of these “Killer Combos?” There are still two days left to grab one of these free sammies in LA and NYC. The Coolhaus NY truck will be in Soho later today somewhere along Broadway and in the West Village on Sunday.

To get the scoop on where the Dexter truck locations are, follow Coolhaus on Twitter:

 Coolhaus NY: @CoolhausNY

 Coolhaus LA: @CoolhausLA

Do not forget to watch Dexter (Twitter: @SHO_Dexter) on Showtime premiering on Sunday, June 30th 9pm ET


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