A Pasta and Sandwich That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

               2013-09-15 18.22.38    2013-09-22 17.22.16

Gelato spaghetti duo and Brioche olive oil and biscotti gelato sandwich

Most people love eating cold and creamy gelato on a nice sunny day. In the West Village, Dolce Gelateria is serving up the freshly-made delicious treat in two unique forms. Besides the traditional cup or waffle cone, they offer gelato spaghetti and a brioche gelato sandwich.

When you look at the menu in the store, you do not see the spaghetti gelato listed there, but if you ask the server for the “gelato spaghetti” they will happily serve you the dish. The gelato spaghetti is a play on the eye. It looks like a spaghetti and meatball dish, but it is all gelato. First the server takes scoops of vanilla gelato and presses it through a sieve to form the strands of spaghetti into a small bowl. Next you get to choose which fruit sauce you want on your gelato spaghetti. Dolce offers either a peach mango or a strawberry raspberry sauce. They imitate the look of a vodka and marinara sauce. Both fruit sauces are great, but I favor the flavor of the peach mango sauce. Then you get to choose one flavor from their daily selection to become your “meatball.” As a final touch, the server adds shavings of white chocolate to imitate shredded cheese.

                           2013-09-15 18.22.02                2013-09-15 18.26.56

Gelato spaghetti with strawberry raspberry sauce, a chocolate meatball and topped with white chocolate shavings

2013-09-22 17.19.56The brioche gelato sandwich is a traditional way gelato is served in Sicily. A similar preparation is also seen from ice cream street carts in the Philippines. The server first splits the eggy and buttery brioche in half. Then you get to pick up to two flavors from the daily selection to add to the bread vessel. It is quite a texturally interesting and delicious pairing in comparison to having the gelato in a cone. If you are planning to grab a brioche gelato sandwich, make sure to go during the weekend. Dolce only offer this Friday through Sunday.

As for flavors there are your usual fruit sorbets such as mixed berry, mango or strawberry and gelato flavors of pistachio, Nutella, tiramisu and biscotti. However if you are feeling a little adventurous, I suggest trying the olive oil gelato. The olive oil gelato is creamy with a smooth flavor of the olive oil and now one of my new favorites.

Dolce Gelateria2013-09-15 18.38.01

33 Barrow Street (corner of 7th Avenue)

New York, NY 10014

(212) 206-8697

Sunday-Thursday 12:00pm-12:00am, Friday &Saturday 12:00pm-1:00am



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