Got Garlic? : Hudson Valley Garlic Festival

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Gathering garlic lovers all around is the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival in Saugerties, NY. Here you can grab the many different varieties of garlic from the local farmers. Each variety ranges from heat level and after taste when eaten raw. Some of the types of garlic you can choose from are purple stripe, porcelain, rocambole, hardneck, silverskin, artichoke, creole, German red and many others. Most of the garlic farmer vendors have chopped up pieces of the garlic for attendees to the festival to sample before making their purchase. Also if you need to know more information about the garlic, the farmers are gladly happy to answer your questions.

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My new favorite variety of garlic I found at the festival is Obis One’s black garlic. I have heard of black garlic a while back ago, but could never really find it in a local supermarket. The black garlic is aged and fermented raw garlic that has black cloves. It has a molasses-like sweet and savory flavor profile. The garlic is soft like dried fruit and is great to use in recipes. Obis’ garlic is organic and all natural without any additives.




In addition to the garlic you can purchase from the farmers, there are also food and business vendors using garlic in their menus and products. There are the usual foods such as garlic wings, garlic “nots,” garlic fries and many meats marinated in garlic. However in a festival such as this, I believe it is best to try the food items that would seem odd to find garlic as an ingredient. In this instance that happens to be mostly the dessert items. Here are a few things at the festival I recommend trying:

Garlic Basil Lemonade and Garlic Ginger Lemonade (Lemon Love)

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Need a refresher from the food and heat? Lemon Love serves sweet tea, snow cones and lemonade. They had the more known flavors of lemonade such as strawberry, peach and blueberry mint, but also have flavors with garlic. The garlic basil lemonade had an equal balance of the garlic, basil and lemon flavors. The garlic ginger lemonade had a stronger garlic flavor that was most likely enhanced by the ginger and lemon. For the festival, Lemon Love has a special of half price refills even if you reuse a cup from a competitor’s booth. What is great about their company is that they donate $0.25 per cup sold to a local charity.

2013-09-28 13.46.14Garlic Ice Cream (Guido’s Frozen Desserts)

Yes that is correct…garlic in ice cream. Although an odd combination, it is creamy and has a subtle garlic flavor mixed in a vanilla base. You can see the tiny pieces of minced garlic in the ice cream. In addition to garlic ice cream, Guido’s also serves Italian ices and lemonade.

Roasted Garlic Caramels (Oliver Kita Chocolates)

Oliver Kita Chocolates offers roasted garlic caramels that give a sweet and smooth garlic caramel covered in dark chocolate and topped with sea salt. The garlic in the caramel is present, but is overpowered by the dark chocolate. They also sell other bon bons and other chocolate products.

Garlic Fudge (Udder Ideas Fudge)

Just opening the package of fudge there is no question that garlic is present as the strong aroma hits your nose. Do not let that stop you from trying the fudge. The garlic taste is softened by the creaminess of the milky fudge base. If the garlic fudge does not fancy you, Udder Ideas Fudge has twenty-five other homemade fudge flavors without garlic you can choose from. If you are unsure of what to purchase, the vendor does provide sample tastes.

For those interested in the culinary side of garlic, there are lectures and cooking demonstrations throughout the day. There is also entertainment at each of the performance stages.

2013-09-28 14.09.23

Ric Orlando’s cooking demonstration












Want in on the garlic feast? There is still one last chance to get some garlic goods from this year’s festival:

Hudson Valley Garlic Festival2013-09-28 12.35.34

Today Sunday, September 29, 2013 from 10:00am-5:00pm

Washington Avenue Extension

Saugerties, NY 12477

Admission: $10.00

Parking: Free parking is located inside the middle and senior high school across the street. There is also premium on-site parking for a $10.00 charge.

Mentioned food and business vendors:

Obis One, LLC

20 Sinnickson Lane
Pennsville, NJ 08070
(856) 469-5529

Lemon Love

Various locations, NY

Lemon Love’s Facebook page

Oliver Kita Chocolates

18 West Market Street

Rhineback, NY 12572

(845) 876-2665

Udder Ideas Fudge

820 South Road
Wurtsboro, NY 12790


4 thoughts on “Got Garlic? : Hudson Valley Garlic Festival

  1. Wow! Garlic ice cream? That’s crazy. We have a garlic festival in Binghamton every year too. I’ve never been though. I need to make it a point to leave that weekend free. This was neat.

    • Thanks! Yes. Lately I have seen some crazy desserts and ice cream inventions around. My favorite ice cream/ gelato flavors at the moment are corn and olive oil. Honestly it shocked me how much I liked the olive oil flavor. The subtle pepperiness of the olive oil and creamy finish made it perfect.

      Sounds great. I didn’t know they have a garlic festival there too. You should definitely check it out and give it a try. I heard about the big Gilroy Garlic festival out in California a few years ago and always wanted to go. I decided to go since this was the closest one for me to travel to. It was great to learn and see how many varieties of garlic there are around.

      One of the festivals I plan to try out next year is the Goettafest in Kentucky. From what I was told about it, goetta is similar to haggis.

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