Roasted Beets and Apple Salad

One of my most requested dishes by my friends is my roasted beets and apple salad. A salad filled with fruits and vegetables, what more can you as for? This is a salad perfect for the autumn season, or all year around.

2013-10-23 17.27.21What you need: (For a serving of six people)

1 bag of arugula

1 bag of baby romaine

½ cup of dried cranberries

2 apples, cut into thin slices (I used honey crisp apples)

2 red beetroots, roasted and chopped (Click HERE for the recipe)

2 golden beetroots, roasted and chopped

2 oz goat cheese

1 cup Apple Cider Vinaigrette (Click HERE for the recipe)

————————————————————————2013-10-23 17.30.14

1- Take the arugula and baby romaine in a bowl and toss it with half of the apple cider vinaigrette.

2- Add the dried cranberries and apple slices to the salad then toss one more time.

3- Place the chopped roasted red and golden beets on top of the salad.

4- Crumble the goat cheese on top of the salad.

5- Place the salad into individual bowls for your guest and drizzle the remaining apple cider vinaigrette on top. Serve and enjoy.

**If you want to add a little protein, add 1 cup of chopped walnuts to the salad.

2013-10-23 17.46.50


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