New Connections

As the seasons change, Traveled Eats has already passed its half year mark since the blog has first been live. I would like to thank all the readers/ subscribers through the blog site, Twitter and Facebook for continuing to support Traveled Eats by showing interest in my work and passion. Your feedback is much appreciated. You will notice that Traveled Eats now has a “Links & Friends of Traveled Eats” page. Here you can visit the websites and blogs of those whom are my personal friends and of this blog.

So on this occasion, I have a special announcement. I am TDong photothe new guest writer for NYCeWheels. I am presently featured on their blog with an introduction of myself as a new guest writer. On their Folding Bike blog, see my first post about my first impressions of the Brompton bicycle.

NYCeWheels is a small local bike shop in the Yorkville section of New York City in the Upper East Side of Manhattan founded by Bert Cebular. They specialize in folding bikes, electric bikes and kick scooters. I first came across NYCeWheels during Summer Streets a year ago when I was intrigued by the amazing construction and design of the Brompton bicycles they were showing off. After a taking one for a spin, going to one of NYCeWheels’ free bike tours and saving up enough cash, I purchased a custom Brompton of my very own. I have a P3E Brompton bicycle in claret and cobalt blue colors. I also decided to accessorize my Brompton with a Brooks leather saddle. The Brompton bicycle is a great portable folding bicycle that you can take anywhere. Unlike regular full-sized bicycles, folding bikes do not require additional fees (bike passes) nor time restrictions when allowed on public transit.

When you are in New York City, I recommend for you to visit my friends at NYCeWheels. Whether it is to take one of their Brompton Bike Tours or to try out one of the products they sell, there is always great company to greet you.

Want a Brompton of your own? Click here for more details.


1603 York Avenue (between E. 84th and E.85th Streets)

New York, NY 10028

Toll free US (800) 692-3943

Local and International (212) 737-3078

Mon-Sat 11:00am-7:00pm


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