Love Bikes and Kick Scooters? See My Articles for NYCeWheels

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In a previous post last year I mentioned my connection to NYCeWheels as one of their guest writers. If you have not been keeping up with Traveled Eats on Facebook or Twitter, then you may have been missing out on some of my articles published for the NYCeWheels shop. For those who are unfamiliar with NYCeWheels, it is a small local New York City shop in the Upper East Side that specializes in folding bikes, electric bikes and kick scooters. They always offer superb service and help when choosing an alternate mode of transportation that fits your needs.

Under the “Other Publications” tab in the bar menu above you can find a list of the most recent publications of my articles for one of the few NYCeWheels’ blog sites. Most of my articles are reviews on the products NYCeWheels sell at their shop, or bike paths that I take my personal brommie bike on and detail. To keep up to date on my articles published for NYCeWheels, visit the Traveled Eats Facebook and Twitter pages.

Although the snow seems to be sticking around for quite a bit in New York, look forward to the spring season when NYCeWheels restarts their free bike tours in March. Before the bike tour, the tour guide will help instruct the riders how to use the Brompton folding bicycles from fold to riding. This bike tour either takes you to Central Park or Randall’s Island from the bike shop. The length of the tour will last somewhere between an hour and a half to two hours. It is great activity to do with a loved one, family or friends. After the tour, you will return to the bike shop where you can decide to purchase your own custom brommie, a stock brommie, or choose from one of the other brands they sell at the shop. All you need to do is sign up online for the bike tour and show up. The bike tours are every Saturday at 3pm starting at the shop and run from March through usually the first week of December. Just note that safety is always key at the shop, so you will be required to wear a helmet for the duration of the bike ride. The bike shop does provide helmets, but if you are not comfortable using them, you are welcome to bring your own.

To sign up for a free bike tour at NYCeWheels, click here.

Also be sure to visit the links to NYCeWheels’ website, blogs and twitter pages that could be found under the “Links & Friends of Traveled Eats” tab.


1603 York Avenue (between E. 84th and E.85th Streets)

New York, NY 10028

Toll free US (800) 692-3943

Local and International (212) 737-3078

Mon-Sat 11:00am-7:00pm


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