Food Philosophy

Food is not only meant to be enjoyed, but also a source of bringing people together. It connects individuals from all different backgrounds, ages and cultures. Although cultural traditions in food are still present, there are also twists and fusions of cuisines that are just as mouthwatering.

We see, smell, feel and taste the food we indulge and satisfy our appetites. Just like a book, we cannot just judge a food by its appearance. I believe that as a foodie you have to be open to try new dishes. Even if it the dish was not your favorite, at least you can say you have tried it once. If you love to travel, eat out and try new recipes, I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I invite you and your loved ones to join me along the journey of Traveled Eats.

About Tracy

profileTracy is a native New Yorker that grew up in Long Island and went to college in the melting pot of Manhattan. She started off baking sweet desserts at home for family and friends and slowly began expanding her skills in creating savory dishes alike. During her free time, she loves to travel and tell others about the places she has visited.  She decided to start Traveled Eats to share her recipes, experiences traveling and trying great food. Tracy was previously a guest writer at the NYCeWheels on their blog where she writes about the products sold at their shop and other bike related articles.

Being adventurous is part of being a writer. I love to travel and see the beauty of the old and new in each city. The experiences are endless and they are just waiting for me to jump at them.


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