Last Minute Holiday Gifts

It is about less than a week before Christmas and the bustle and craziness of the holiday shopping has not slowed down. Some of you may have already finished shopping for your holiday gifts, some may be still searching for the perfect gift or not even started yet. Well if you are still strapped for […]

New Connections

As the seasons change, Traveled Eats has already passed its half year mark since the blog has first been live. I would like to thank all the readers/ subscribers through the blog site, Twitter and Facebook for continuing to support Traveled Eats by showing interest in my work and passion. Your feedback is much appreciated. […]

Light as Air Belgian Meringues

Walking in the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Saturday I came across Ô Merveilleux, a Belgian patisserie serving up a new exciting dessert. The merveilleux is a Belgian meringue that is very popular in Belgium. The Belgian meringue is in many ways similar, but different to the French meringue that most of us know […]

A Pasta and Sandwich That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

                   Gelato spaghetti duo and Brioche olive oil and biscotti gelato sandwich Most people love eating cold and creamy gelato on a nice sunny day. In the West Village, Dolce Gelateria is serving up the freshly-made delicious treat in two unique forms. Besides the traditional cup or waffle cone, they offer gelato spaghetti and […]

Have You Bitten into a Bantam?

Living in New York there is nothing as good as a true New York bagel. Bantam Bagels in the West Village has taken the popular breakfast meal and put it into a delicious bite-sized form. Bantam opened up their storefront last Sunday offering what they describe as their “fresh filled, artisanal morsels of bagel goodness.” […]

Dominique Ansel Gives Some More with Frozen S’mores

It is summertime and the weather is quite a scorcher these days. In the Soho section of New York City, Dominique Ansel Bakery has a new summer treat that is stirring up a heat of interest as the newest dish of the moment. The Frozen S’more is the latest creation by Dominique Ansel that made […]

A Staple UK Eats: Fish & Chips

Haddock & chips from McMonagles While visiting the United Kingdom, one of the quintessential meals to get is fish and chips. For those who never been to over the pond, the fish and chips dish is simply a choice of fried battered fish served with fried chips (a.k.a. potato wedges or fries to us Americans). […]